Black Trustee Accountability

April 22, 2021

3:00 pm


4:00 pm


Blacken the Bench: An Imperative to Grow and Leverage the Power of Black Trustees for Thriving Black Communities in California.  

Twenty-Twenty was a watershed moment, setting in motion a wave of events that jolted us into reckoning with the crippling legacy of anti-Black racism. The murders of George Floyd, Beonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbury and so many other Black people, along with the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic were anchors, creating an urgency to act by many sectors, especially Philanthropy. In California, Black foundation trustees seized the moment to organize and abandon business as usual for bolder strategies with greater odds of improving the life chances of Black people and for creating sustained, thriving Black communities—which will benefit all communities.

Join Leverage the Trust - California members, The California Endowment and The California Wellness Foundation, as they share their journeys with this organized Black trustee group and explore how it is bolstering stronger strategic direction, greater accountability and impact in their investments.​

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